6:33, the deformed mutant child of Tim Burton, Devin Townsend and Mr Bungle in a deserted asylum, was created in 2010 and released its debt full-length, “Orphans of Good Manners” in 2011 (M&O), gaining them an immediate acclaim by the press and the start of a growing dedicated fan base mesmerized by their psychotic grooves boogie-ing over a rocking alternative Metal basis with absolutely no stylistic boundaries: a musical UFO.

Arno Strobl (We All Die (laughing), CinC / Carnival In Coal…) was featured as a guest singer on some track of the album and their collaboration became an obvious osmosis. When the band parted ways with its former singer: they thus decided to record some songs together while waiting for 6:33 to find a suitable replacement, which gave birth to the 2012 digital EP, “Giggles, Garlands and Gallows” which was released to everyone’s total surprise.

Available for only a month, the EP got downloaded nearly 2500 times to a unanimous success that, even if only “a digital EP released for only a month”, it got chosen by France’s largest webzine’s readers, VS Webzine, as the second best 2012 release in their yearly poll! Both 6:33 and Arno Strobl thus decided the adventure couldnt end that way and they would write and record more material to complete the EP and release a proper full-length together.

A full year of touring, securing notable opening slots for the likes of Devin Townsend or Shaka Ponk, and the album was ready, resulting in the release of 2013’s “The Stench from the Swelling (a true story)” (Wafflegate), featuring both Arno Strobl and the band’s new singer, Rorschach, and storming both the press and fans, eventually making it as Season Of Mist’s (their French retail distributor) best-sellers lists upon release.

Arno then went on to create WE ALL DIE (laughing) and resurrect CARNIVAL IN COAL’s testimony as “CinC” and 6:33, after touring everywhere they could in support of the album, got back to the studio to record what would become their future third full-length.

Once again, the album totally blew the press and fans away. Released as a 1000 copies limited edition (DigiSleeve CD) first press on January 2015, the album quickly became Kaotoxin’s best seller to date and got reprinted right away.

Get ready to be blown away by a masterpiece in mindfucking art!

Background pictures
Stéphane Félicité
Van Kirsch
Mikl Chidoyan